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L.G. - Facebook

I had two knee changes in six months so easily that was unbelievable. I gained quality of life and I am sorry that I had not done it sooner because I was afraid from what I had heard about other surgeons. I thank the doctor and his medical team. I will be always grateful.


P. M. - Facebook

Why visit doctors overseas, when at this blessed land we have scientific minds of such calibre? I am grateful!



V.S. - Facebook

By far one of the top in his field. I speak through personal experience. Recommended  without reservations!!!


L.X.- Facebook

It is exactly like that! I witnessed it with my mother. The best team both as scientists and as persons, bless you!


M.P. - Facebook

I inform you that I am 64 yrs old and I had a surgery by Mr Koukakis. Recovery is so good that by the third day that I came home I was fine, the pain was minimal!!! An amazing team led by doctor Koukakis, which should be noticed by some so that we will keep them in Greece and not let them leave too, like all great minds leave for something better abroad!!!
I am a patient that had a surgery by Mr Koukakis and all I have to say is a great thanks!