We help over 700 patients

with arthritis problems every year through Robotic MIS Knee and Hip arthroplasty (Robotic / Minimally Invasive Surgery: MIS).

Our Mission Is To Help Patients With Orthopaedic Problems To Have Quality Of Life Once More

Dr. A. Koukakis and his team successfully complete hundrends of knee and hip artroplasties every year. Our aim is for our patients to gain back their quality of life, which an accident, a disease or advanced age deprived them of.

Why our patients trust us


Doctors with great experience

The team led by Dr. Koukakis consists of surgeons, anaesthetists and physiotherapists with great experience.


High success rates

Our surgical team is known for its exceptionally high success rates in surgeries and final patient recovery.


Professionalism and complacence

We are always by your side through the entire process, from the preoperative tests to recuperation, responsibly and supportively.

Advantages of the MIS method


Short recovery time

Compared to conventional methods, the Minimally Invasive Surgery method reduces the time needed for recovery.


Smaller incisions

At Minimally Invasive Surgery the operation is conducted through a smaller incision, with less bleeding.


Less painful

With MIS the muscles around the joint are affected much less, there is smaller trauma and therefore less pain.

Learn more about MIS

We answer the frequently asked questions by our patients in plain words.

Where does it hurt?


Hip is an especially important joint since…


Knee often causes pain given that…


Shoulder is a joint that may suffer…

A true story

“My daily life is now that of a healthy person…”

Kostas Georgousopoulos - Writer & Theatre Critic

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Our patients often post their positive comments about us, which gives us great moral satisfaction.

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